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Pushing through COVID: How Four Leading Rockland Businesses Have Endured Through the Crisis

This article examines how four leading Rockland businesses have navigated through the COVID-19 crisis. I spoke with Larry Beckerle of Beckerle Lumber, Joseph Rand of Better Homes and Gardens Rand Realty, Michael Khekoian of Computuners, and Howard Hellman of All Bright Electric.

I got to know each one of these leaders through my longstanding membership in the Rockland Business Association, whose mission is to advocate for and support Rockland businesses and who is now at the forefront of helping them through COVID and beyond. I am a board member of the Rockland Business Association and two of the subject companies, Beckerle Lumber and Better Homes and Gardens Rand Realty, are represented on the Board, as well.

In my conversations with these entrepreneurs for this article, it became clear that while each one cut their own path through the crisis, in doing so, every one of them relied on a close-knit team, a steady supply of optimism, and a spirit of generosity.

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