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Brace For Impact

The impending EU Artificial Intelligence Act has set the stage for a paradigm shift in AI regulation, affecting businesses worldwide. The EU AI Act focuses on risk levels for various AI use cases and does not target specific technologies. This sensible focus will require businesses to assess and address dangers in AI uses regardless of the state of the AI technology they implement.

Beyond the text of the EU AI Act itself, it is crucial to recognize that the Act's influence extends past EU borders. Businesses outside of the EU, such as those in the United States, may be subject to its regulations, as they are with GDPR, if their platforms are accessible online to EU citizens and/or entities.

In addition to following the EU AI Act, United States businesses must continually be mindful of the changing AI legal landscape at home.  Various United States jurisdictions, like New York City’s regulations regarding the use of AI in employment decisions, either have already or are working to implement regulatory frameworks. These U.S. AI laws and regulations demand compliance and proactive steps, as well.



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