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We are your resource for business legal issues including lawsuits, contracts, corporate issues, trademarks and copyrights, and commercial real estate transactions. Our firm's clients span a broad range including those in construction/trades, commercial real estate, manufacturing, media, religious/not for profit, and professional and health care. We are especially proud of our extensive experience with the nuanced needs of family-owned businesses.

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Litigation and Arbitration: Our team includes skilled business litigators with experience across a diverse range of matters before state and federal courts and other tribunals. We execute a strategic approach and deliver robust representation.

image of paper and pen - signing a contract

Negotiating and Drafting Agreements: We negotiate, draft, review, and enforce contracts so that our clients' interests are protected.  In every transaction, we work to ensure that our clients have a successful contractual relationship and get the benefits of their agreements.  

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Mergers and Acquisitions: We help businesses get to the next stage by shepherding owners through mergers, acquisitions, and asset purchases.  With our wealth of experience and pragmatic approach, we can smoothly guide entrepreneurs through these high stakes transactions.

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Commercial Real Estate: We advise our clients on a wide range of sophisticated commercial real estate transactions. We have decades of experience working on the acquisition, financing, leasing, and disposition of commercial properties.

image of a scale balancing business and family

Family-Owned Businesses: From single generation to multi-family, and/or multi-generational businesses, we provide our clients with advice and guidance to navigate the unique legal landscape of family-owned businesses from organization through exit strategies.

image of a computer with a lock for cyber security

AI/CyberSecurity/Data Privacy/Technology: We understand how evolving technology can create both new opportunities for businesses and unforeseen risk.  With our long standing experience and deep knowledge in the area of AI (artificial intelligence), cybersecurity, data privacy and technology, including training other lawyers on the subjects, we help businesses find ways to make the best use of technology to grow their businesses while minimizing risks and being legally compliant.

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Business Formation and Maintenace: Whether a start-up, growing company or mature business, we help build and fortify corporate infrastructure and relationships between company owners to ensure that entrepreneurs have protection and their businesses can not only function but flourish.

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Intellectual Property: The protection of intellectual property is essential to maintaining a businesses' competitive advantage. We assist our clients in securing this valuable asset via trademarks, copyrights, and trade secret protection.

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