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The “K-Shape” Recovery Is Thwarting A Healthy Recovery: Rockland Needs A Plan

The White House likes to say the nation is having a V-shaped recovery but we don’t see it that way. Slide to the middle of the alphabet because K is where it’s at. While some businesses and industries are rebounding, others are stalled. And there are secondary and tertiary negative impacts on some industries that have become more obsolete because we are working from home, traveling less, and social distancing.

Businesses have weathered deep recessions, including 2008, but there has never been anything quite like the COVID economy. The pandemic has called for new ways of thinking and novel approaches to leases, contracts, and overall good legal decision-making. As such, lawyers have had to get a quick education on what an economic tsunami looks like; we’ve gained unique insight that now informs our counsel.

As such, we can unequivocally say Rockland County needs a local economic recovery plan that lifts all businesses rather than vertical industries. As the saying goes, “a rising tide will lift all boats.”

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