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Biometrics - next wave of personal information and regulation

Amazon uses your palm print for payment at Whole Foods. Disney requires your fingerprints when entering a park.

Biometrics. This is the next wave of personal information that businesses will soon require consumers to share. Biometric data is physiological or biological characteristic used to identify an individual, such as facial recognition, fingerprints, and retina/iris scans.

Personal information collected through biometric data will have to be secured by businesses that collect them.

New York has taken the first steps to ensure security for the collection of biometric data.

New York City recently passed an ordinance governing the use by commercial establishments of biometric data. The ordinance applies to commercial establishments in New York City which collects biometric identifier information. Such establishments include places of retail (stores, pharmacies, salons, etc.), entertainment (movie theaters, concert halls, stadiums, museums, etc.) and food or drink establishments (restaurants, cafes, food carts, grocery stores, etc.). It applies to both public and private places that deal with the public.



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