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COVID Reveals Need For Business Partners To Plan For Conflict Resolution

If anything has shown us we count can on nothing, it’s the pandemic. It has revealed just how easily life can be upended and that the best laid plans – or even the best of intentions – may not matter when unforeseen circumstances come our way and human beings react.

COVID-19 has thrown death and dissolution our way. It has been an enforced “reset” of our goals, desires, capabilities, and how we plan the future.

The pandemic has put far greater emphasis on the need for businesses to have exit strategies – particularly when the business has more than one partner. For some, COVID has been a prompt to put a business to bed. For others it’s represented a period that calls for doubling down, fighting harder to reinvent or save what’s been built. What’s problematic is when two owners feel diametrically opposite about how to move forward.

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