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Secrets from the Corner Office: Joseph Lagana of USIS

The series will feature interviews with prominent business leaders in the Hudson Valley including Joseph Rand of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate | Rand Realty, Sabrina Hosang Jordan of Caribbean Food Delights, Courtney Boniface of Cane & Boniface, John Wickes of Ira Wickes Arborists, Ann Byne of the Byne Group, Steve Botto of Steve Botto Landscaping, Sheldon Horowitz of the Safe Harbour Group and many others. Each of the interview participants will answer the same five questions so that readers can get consistent insight into the thinking of the Hudson Valley’s most successful business people.

Here is the quick interview of Joseph Lagana of USIS.

What one decision/event had the biggest impact on your business?

Expand the geographic area we do business in. [reason is to avoid being subject to a very local market fluctuation.]

What is the best business advice that you ever received?

It is cheaper to keep a client than to acquire one.

What is the one thing that you know now about your business that you wish you knew sooner?


What is the secret to good hiring?

Don’t hire anyone that does not have a good attitude . You can teach anything except attitude.

With all of the demands on your time, how do you organize your day?

Create a list and then prioritize.

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