December 24, 2019

At year end, we all think of resolutions.  From a legal standpoint, the most important resolutions are the corporate kind.

You must conduct your annual shareholders/members meeting timely, record minutes and do resolutions. You should do so even if you are the sole shar...

November 19, 2019

A corporate veil insulates the personal assets of shareholders of a corporation (or members of a limited liability company) from the assets of the corporation, thereby protecting such assets from claims against the corporation. Without this shield, if a corporation has...

Sometimes the best defense is a good offense.  Or that's how one could view the forced buy-out option for shareholders under BCL 1118.

While the Business Corporation Law gives holders of 20 percent or more of the outstanding voting shares of a close corporation the righ...

March 2, 2016

Normally, creditors can reach only a corporation's/LLC’s (“Entity”) assets and not the personal assets of the owners of the Entity. This shielding effect is known as the “corporate veil”.

Sometimes, however, claimants will attempt to "pierce the corporate veil" and reac...

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