March 12, 2020

There have been some major developments with regard to privacy laws beginning largely in 2018, with the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”), which became enforceable in May 2018, and which gave consumers in Europe certain rights as to thei...

February 12, 2020

You are the proud owner of a family business that may have existed for many years and brought profit and joy to several generations.

Perhaps, though, you are ready to consider selling the family business – maybe this is the ideal time to capitalize on the value of the i...

February 6, 2020

The Bachman Law Firm PLLC is pleased to announce that Samara Rothchild, Esq. has joined the firm as an associate.

Samara has been practicing law since 2004.  She previously worked for the City of New York Office of Labor Relations, where she handled legal aspects of the...

February 4, 2020

Often confused, indemnity clauses and insurance clauses in commercial contracts serve different but overlapping purposes.

An indemnification clause in a contract serves to shift the risk of liability from one party to another.  Ingargiola v. Waheguru Mgmt., 5 A.D.3d 732...

January 15, 2020

A corporation formed in New York can sue or be sued in a litigation in New York. N.Y. Business Corp. Law § 202.

Of course, many corporations are formed in other states other than New York.  In New York parlance, such corporations are “foreign corporations.”

A foreign cor...

January 9, 2020

Where there are an even number of directors or managing members of an entity, there is the potential that an action requiring a majority vote will be met with an even split – half of the directors or managing members will vote “yes,” and the other half will vote “no.”...

December 24, 2019

At year end, we all think of resolutions.  From a legal standpoint, the most important resolutions are the corporate kind.

You must conduct your annual shareholders/members meeting timely, record minutes and do resolutions. You should do so even if you are the sole shar...

November 19, 2019

A corporate veil insulates the personal assets of shareholders of a corporation (or members of a limited liability company) from the assets of the corporation, thereby protecting such assets from claims against the corporation. Without this shield, if a corporation has...

November 13, 2019

       As part of the formation of a corporation, it is essential to prepare by-laws which set forth how the corporation will operate.

Where there are multiple shareholders, it is also a good idea to state how the shareholders will work together within th...

November 5, 2019

In representing growing businesses, it is important to help clients understand the structure and role of people in their corporation.  With that client understanding, an employment attorney or other professional can be assured that client actions are taken with and by...

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